Frank L. Gaglianese III For Ontario County Supervisor

City of Geneva

Wards 1 & 2

Your support needed on Tuesday Nov. 7th

I was born and raised in Geneva, and have a strong personal commitment to Geneva and Ontario County to make it a more safe, healthy, and prosperous place for all its families. Like so many, I love Geneva. I love our rich history, our diverse community, which brings a unique quality of life like no other. The demographics of Geneva equip parents like me to walk their kids to school, the option to walk to eateries, and attend cultural events. I love our downtown district which has an urban core feel which we should be proud of. I love that we are a city with a grand selection of diverse architecture design, and a melting pot of many different types of cultures. Geneva is an amazing place to live, work, and raise a family. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I am very proud to call Geneva my home for the past 44 years. I am the oldest of 60 grandchildren. My family has a history lineage that exceeds 100 years, and has become of 6 generations. My family has owned and operated many businesses and has always contributed to our vital city. My Geneva Public School education was achieved with much pride and where I formed many childhood friends with whom I remain friends with to this day. I furthered my education at Corning Community College and Simmons Institute of Funeral Service in Syracuse. I am proud to say I reside in Geneva and live in Ward 2. My wife Raelynn makes our home at 42 S. Morrell Avenue. We have two small children – Dominick 5, and Brayden 8. I am currently employed by Nardozzi Paving and Construction where I work as a Project Manager/Supervisor. My work history in the construction industry for the past 20 plus years has afforded me the opportunity to manage and be a part of many multi-million dollar projects which has given me great insight in work ethics and fiscal responsibility.   Transparency, loyalty, respect, and honor are all essential values which are necessary holding any public office. If elected as your supervisor I will bring those same virtues to the Ontario County Board of Supervisors. I want to ensure Geneva is the best city in Ontario County and will work at the county level to support local businesses and help attract new ones – bringing both jobs and economic prosperity to our beloved city. I want to create regional and actionable strategies to better address our landfill concerns, and all county concerns that directly impact Geneva residents. Nothing is more important to me than clean water, air, and land. I will always lead the fight to make sure that our health and safety is always the main priority. I promise to be an energetic champion for our beloved City of Geneva at the county level, and I ask for your support in this year’s election in November, 2017.  



The Ontario County Landfill is my top priority as I know it is one of yours! I oppose the Ontario County Landfill and its expansion. I will work to find better ways to improve odor control and minimize traffic running through the heart of our communities, I will work through the Board of Supervisors to improve all safety standards and practices to make sure our communities and water ways are protected and never at risk. I will make regular visits to the landfill property to monitor, point out problems and concerns to ensure, from an outsiders point of view that health and safety is always the top priority. I will to ensure that strict oversight is always in place to ensure environmental integrity. I will also work endlessly to ensure the safety of both the workers on site, as well as the residents of neighboring communities. I will see to it that all regulations and standards are met. The well-being of our lakes, waterways, land, air are most important to our citizens in Geneva and all surrounding communities and will be a top priority . The closing of landfill is a must, and I will continue to work closely with the Board of Supervisors to see it through. I will also work with DEC (Department of Conservation) to the continued progress of the SWMP (Storm Water Management Program) that has already been put into action. 


Geneva has an aging population, as do many other towns and villages here in Ontario County. Our senior citizens require more assistance, information, programs, transportation, activities, advice and housing options so they can remain here in Geneva and not have to move to other communities. I will make this a top priority and will fight to help improve programs and services at the county level that are needed to make senior living in Geneva comfortable and stress free.  


 I want to ensure Geneva receives its’ fair share of County services for its residents. I will work with the County Financial Department to ensure that every penny is well spent and has the taxpayer’s best interest always the top priority.  Geneva property owners carry a heavy tax burden. One way to help alleviate that burden is to try to bring more development to our city. I will work at the county level to push more economic development to the Geneva area. I will work to increase tax revenue while in turn holding taxes steady and I will work with fellow supervisors to fight against unfunded state mandates. I will work side by side with Ontario County Office of Economic Development (OCOED), the Ontario County Industrial Development Agency (OCIDA) and the Ontario County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC) to help advocate and ensure we have the appropriate tools needed to help produce a bright future of JOB CREATION to make our region thrive.  Our well-balanced workforce features a high percentage of skilled and professional-level workers and is recognized as one of the most productive in the nation. While the skill level is high, pay scales are below those in adjoining metropolitan centers. I will fight to bring higher paying jobs to our area to attract a diverse, educated workforce and their families who will want to live and work here rather than have to move out of the area to find good employment. I will continue to support our vibrant tourism industry, featuring year round leisure activities throughout our county and the Finger Lakes wine region.     



By most accounts, transportation infrastructure in our county is in serious disrepair. As roads and bridges across the county continue to age and deteriorate, governments at all levels are struggling to pay for maintenance and upkeep -- not to mention investments in much-needed upgrades and new projects. Since the federal Highway Trust Fund was established in the late 1950s, total combined highway and transit spending as a share of gross domestic product has fallen by about 25 percent, according to the federal National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission.  I care about how the infrastructure in the County is expanded, repaired, and maintained. I will work closely with the Ontario County Public Works Department to help advocate more funds through the State to help maintain, repair and rebuild our deteriorating, roads, bridges, and highways.      


I care to improve Veterans Services to give them the help and assistance they need and deserve. I will work closely with the Veterans Service Agency in Ontario County to ensure progress is made to the much needed demands of our Veterans. The Veterans Service Agency assists Ontario County's veterans and their families to identify and apply for benefits, in which they are entitled to from local, state, and federal agencies as a result of their military service. These services can include assistance with filing claims for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), enrolling in VA healthcare, determining VA home loan eligibility, obtaining education benefits, and burial assistance. 


In 2015 alone, more than 33,000 Americans died by overdosing on various opioids, be they prescription pain relievers or heroin, according to the American Society of Addition Medicine. It has become a growing problem in Ontario County. I care to expand and develop services, programs and assistance to put a handle on the Opioid problem and drug addiction that is plaguing our community. I will support all County resolutions and legal initiatives for restitution of costs incurred by the taxpayers to relieve the economic burden created by “Big Pharma” for the prescription opioid crisis plaguing our communities. This is a crisis we need to get a handle on at whatever costs and needs to be a top priority.  


In 2007 helped save tax payers and Geneva City School district save close to $150,000 in athletic field remediation to fields unplayable from a prior school budget project that was mismanaged.

Member of St. Stephens & St. Francis Catholic Churhes

Member of the Sons of Italy

Coach for Geneva JR Football

Member of The NRA

"I am the type of hard working leader we need to preserve our traditional values and protect our communities....please put your trust in me."

-Frank L. Gaglianese III



  A Stronger Community Surely we can all agree that we would like a community in which all of our citizens feel safe, have access to basic needs such as housing and quality health care, and have ample and equal opportunity to thrive. I believe that when we use government tools to help our most impoverished residents and reduce other forms of hardship, we can re-strengthen and rebuild our community. To make Ontario County thrive, elected officials need input from not just a select few stakeholders, but all county residents. As a Supervisor, I would work to encourage civic engagement, so that county decisions can always be responsive to resident needs. In addition, Ontario County must collaborate with other local governments and surrounding counties to achieve common goals. Finally, community-building can only go so far until we also implement 21st-century economic development standards, which involves a shift in focus toward technology and human capital and investments in livable, walkable communities.        


  A 21st-Century Approach to Economic Development Counties play an important role in the facilitation of economic development: They should help local economies transition from engines of commerce designed to suit the industrial age to a system designed around today’s technology and intellectual capital. To create a booming, innovative and modern economy, counties must work with their counterparts in city and state government. We must make communities safer, more walkable, more livable and appealing to business, industry and tourism. Further, we as a city within a county we  must be willing to make investments in our infrastructure to ensure the effective, efficient flow of commerce and human capital to industry centers, the downtown district and our sacred gem that of the shores of Seneca Lake. We must look for opportunities to collaborate with other governments and surrounding counties to unleash the next great wave of economic prosperity across the region as we are no longer the Gateway to the finger lakes region and to wine country but a revitalized destination spot.


Fiscal Accountability

Integrity & Responsibility

Strong Leadership


Dependability you can count on

Will approach issues by listening to the Community voice



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Frank L. Gaglianese III for County Supervisor

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City of Geneva - Wards 1 & 2